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Strengthen the industrial foundation and focus on technological innovation

Strengthen the industrial foundation and focus on technological innovation

Abstract: Shale shaker In general, the shale shaker is first level of separation equipment in the solid phase control system, which is used for particle size s...

 Shale shaker

In general, the shale shaker is first level of separation equipment in the solid phase control system, which is used for particle size separation of materials through vibration.At present, there are linear motion (seldom used), elliptic motion, dual motion, variable elliptic motion (Restar technology) and other motion techniques commonly used in oil drilling.



The basic principle of hydrocyclone is to separate liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, liquid-gas and other two-phase or multi-phase mixtures with certain density difference under the action of centrifugal force.The mixed liquid enters the cyclone tangentially under a certain pressure, and the dense component moves down along the axial direction and outward along the radial direction, and moves down along the wall of the cyclone when it reaches the cone and is discharged from the bottom flow port.The component with low density moves to the central axis, forming inner vortex in the center of the axis and discharging from the overflow port, thus achieving the purpose of two-phase separation.



Desilter is an important part of drilling fluid solids control equipment, which is used to remove shale shaker sieve of thinner solid phase particles in drilling fluid , belong to solid control level 3 solid-phase purification system, make the solid content of drilling fluid, the effective control for particle size distribution reasonable high quality drilling fluid has good rheological property, meet the requirements of drilling technology.锐实达除泥器


Centrifuge is to use the powerful centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge rotor to speed up the sedimentation rate of particles in the liquid and separate the matter with different sedimentation coefficient and buoyancy density in the sample.In engineering drilling site, the settling centrifuge is commonly used based on the difference of solid-liquid density, which is mainly used to remove solid phase material of 2~10μm in drilling fluid (the main reason is that the material is too large, the centrifuge will wear more, which will seriously affect the service life of the centrifuge).


Deep drilling solid control separation fields nearly 20 years, Restar grasps the development strategy of "precise separation better home", iterative upgrade products and technology innovation as the leading, improve weak links,dig potential, the vibration separation, hydrocyclone separation, centrifugal separation, squeezing separation and physical separation, on the basis of focusing on flocculation, emulsion, electrochemical, sedimentation, filtration, such as chemical separation.The transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure has made a substantial breakthrough.Oil-based and water-based waste treatment and three highs, fundamental wastewater precision separate core technology capability and differentiation product innovation, and stronger iterative upgrades, upgrade quality, scale, and the related institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions to carry out extensive cooperation, combining with the development trend in artificial intelligence, internet of things technology, persistent research valuable material separation technology to the society.To provide a steady stream of power for the healthy development of separation industry.

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