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Precise separation, beautiful homeland

RSD is mainly committed to the intelligent separation of materials in petroleum, engineering, environmental protection, mining and other industries. In addition, technical services have been established in major oil fields and major mines in China to meet the needs of customers in the first place. At present, RSD products have been sold to many countries and regions around the world and have been widely praised by customers.

23000 ㎡ production base
20 years of design and manufacturing experience
Annual sales volume of 100 million
Global market service capability
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RSD includes Henan RSD Separation Technology Co., Ltd., Puyang Zhongyuan RSD Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. and RSD suotek Russia company.

Puyang RSD is mainly engaged in the research and development and sales of drilling solid control equipment, oil (water) hazards and oilfield sewage treatment equipment. It is a high-tech enterprise and an intellectual property advantage enterprise in Henan province.

Henan RSD is mainly engaged in material separation of engineering and Mines (sludge water treatment, material separation, harmless treatment of oily sludge, tailing treatment and all kinds of sewage treatment, etc.), and has set up a material separation research and development center, mining Environmental protection marketing department and international marketing department.

Our culture
Enterprise objectives
Changshou's international top material separation Group
Corporate Vision
Precise separation · Beautiful Homeland
Company mission
Make material separation more accurate
Enterprise spirit

· Forge ahead: be diligent in thinking, be brave in innovation and dare to practice.

· Down-to-earth: treat people sincerely and do things down-to-earth.

· Rong Naida: team first, self-perfection and common improvement.

Altruism perfection: create as much value as possible for customers and society.

Business Philosophy

· The Foundation of survival: create value for customers more efficiently and gain altruism to the extreme.

· Sharp tools for growth: Talent Inclusion, team priority, continuous innovation, and resource sharing.

Strong Foundation: core technology, high-quality products and considerate services.

Longevity guarantee: honesty and pragmatism, risk control, win-win cooperation and good image.

Innovation responsibility and higher quality pursuit

With intelligent separation as the leading direction, RSD has approached the international advanced level in intelligent separation of materials, drilling automation system and other aspects.

RSD continues to improve product quality. The company is equipped with testing equipment and instruments, all products are strictly in accordance with the inspection specifications for the process and delivery inspection.

Leapfrog development


We will move on......


In 2018, Puyang RSD was listed and professional manager cashing system was implemented.


In 2016, "Henan RSD separation equipment Technology Co., Ltd." was established in Zhengzhou.


In 2015, it obtained the API quality management certificate from the US oil and gas industry manufacturing organization, and gradually standardized and internationalized.


In 2012, the company's sales exceeded 100 million yuan, and determined to take a positive and stable development path around the main line of solid-liquid separation.


In 2010, RSD has become a well-known vibrating screen brand in China. Products go abroad.


The total sales exceeded 10 million in 2005, and the introduction of the option stock system benefited the first batch of employees.


The company was established in December 26, 2001 and confirmed its mission as "making drilling and workover faster and more comfortable".

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RSD provides you with comprehensive R & D and production strength.
One-stop device separation solution.
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