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Quality Control

Quality Control

It is committed to improving the application value of products and the stability and reliability of equipment.

Strict control layer by layer, do not live up to the quality commitment
Control of product processing technology

Production shall be carried out in strict accordance with the technological requirements of product design to ensure the rationality of product manufacturing and design. RSD has perfect precision processing equipment and takes the lead in introducing industrial robot manufacturing to ensure the consistency, reliability and aesthetics of products.

Supporting products

Select Famous Brand equipment manufacturers at home and abroad. Adhere to "satisfactory quality, satisfactory service and satisfactory price".

Raw materials

In strict accordance with the requirements of design specifications, select national standard materials, brand steel, attached product quality inspection report and furnace number instruction report.

Detection System

Equipped with solid control simulation test bench, vibration detector, particle size analyzer, dynamic balance detector, etc., effectively guarantee the stability of the product.

Equipment Technology

Structural optimization, finite element analysis, vibration test and dynamic balance test, strict pressure test and Operation test before leaving the factory.

Electronic control element

Select well-known electronic control component manufacturers at home and abroad. Such as Chint, Siemens or Schneider.

Sand blasting anti-corrosion

The equipment has undergone pickling, galvanizing, hot dip zinc, passivating and fine grinding; Paint: brand epoxy zinc-rich heavy anti-corrosion paint.

RSD attaches great importance to product quality and insists on providing it for you.
An efficient, economical, and secure intelligent separation device.
Directly hit the processing site and feel the quality of RSD
Laser cutting
Laser cutting
Automatic welding
Automatic welding
Stress-free aging
Stress-free aging
Production of standard abrasive tools
Production of standard abrasive tools
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