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Automatic Filter Press

Automatic Filter Press
The pressure difference between the two sides of the filter cloth is used by the filter press to force most of the moisture in the material to pass th

  The pressure difference between the two sides of the filter cloth is used by the filter press to force most of the moisture in the material to pass through the filter cloth and flow out of the filter body, while the material is blocked in the filter chamber to form a filter cake, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration. Due to the large pressure difference between the two sides of the filter cloth in the filtration process, the filtration speed is improved and the water content of the filter cake is reduced. Moreover, the special filter cloth is used to make the filtrate pure and the filtration effect is much better than that of the vacuum filter.

The filter press has a good effect in the treatment of difficult filtration materials, and it is easy to carry out anti-corrosion treatment. Its structure is simple, easy to operate, and its price is lower than other filters. Therefore, it is recommended to use the filter press as dehydration equipment.

At present, the filter press has been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, ceramics, sugar, pigments, dyes, cement, coal washing, silicate and other industries, as well as municipal and industrial sludge dewatering.

Technical features
  1. Convex cylindrical point filter plate. In the past, it used to be straight or horizontal straight flow trough, and its actual water diversion area was 50%. However, the convex dot filter surface adopted by our company not only increased the effective water diversion area, but also made the filtrate flow in any direction, thus shortening the process and improving the filtration speed.
  2. The feeding port is in the middle of the filter plate, with large aperture, small resistance and uniform stress at all parts. It is suitable for all kinds of filter materials, especially for the convenience of users. The three piece jacket without filter cloth locking device is designed, and the filter cloth is directly sewed together, which is convenient, economical and durable。
  3. The filter plate is made of reinforced polypropylene. It has stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, light weight, high strength, good toughness, low labor intensity of unloading operation。
  4. The frame design is reasonable, dexterous and practical。
  5. In the process of operation, the combined action design of hydraulic and electrical in the forward and backward stroke is adopted. Greatly reduced the labor intensity.
  6. The automatic pressure maintaining is realized by using the electric contact pressure gauge, which has the advantages of convenient operation, stable operation and reliable structure。
  7. Diaphragm filter plate is used. After filtration, air can be introduced into the diaphragm cavity to squeeze the filter cake, so that the filter cake can be dehydrated more fully and the moisture content of the filter cake can be reduced. It is especially suitable for filtration of materials with high moisture content and difficult to dehydrate. It can improve the production efficiency。
  8. Automatic pull board function. The utility model saves the trouble of manual plate pulling and unloading, and achieves the effect of saving time and labor。
Technical parameters

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