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Why do we use flat elliptical trajectory technology

Why do we use flat elliptical trajectory technology
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Forward and reverse translation elliptical trajectory technology is a leading technology developed by our company in the drilling vibrating screen industry at home and abroad on the basis of analyzing and studying a large number of on-site vibrating screen performance data.

1. Under the condition of flat elliptical trajectory, the materials are not easy to break before rolling, and the running speed is fast; There are few materials staying on the sieve surface, which is not easy to cause paste sieve, and the sieving area is large, the service life of the screen is long;

2. The horizontal elliptical trajectory has an adhesive effect on small materials, which is conducive to the discharge of finer materials, thus reducing the pulping probability caused by the crushing of materials by vibrating screen, thus prolonging the service life of mud, finally, the drilling speed is improved.

3. Under the condition of flat elliptical trajectory, the materials stuck in the mesh are more likely to be unstuck due to the acting force in two directions;

A large number of using data prove that compared with the linear trajectory, the flat elliptical technology can improve the performance of the vibrating screen by 26%, and under the same other parameters: it can increase the number of installed screens by at least 20~40 mesh.

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