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How to solve the problem of slurry running of Vibrating Screen

How to solve the problem of slurry running of Vibrating Screen
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Running slurry usually occurs in the early stage when the slurry precipitates for a long time and then starts circulation again. At this time, the specific gravity and viscosity of the slurry are both relatively high; In addition, the mesh of the screen is pasted by the slurry, the filtering area of the screen is reduced;

when encountering vibrating screen running slurry:

1. First of all, the small circulation valve of the aqueduct should be opened to reduce the amount of mud passing through the vibrating screen and reduce the loss of mud; Then judge the reason for running slurry according to the situation on site, decide which of the following steps to exclude.

Observe whether the movement track of the screening system is correct, and select a point in any part of the screening box or manually draw a point (note: Do not use sharp and hard objects to prevent scratching the paint surface of the equipment). Observe, as shown in the following figure, that is, there is no fault. If it is found that the generated trajectory is a small circle (that is, the equipment has no vibration phenomenon), it means that the motor is running in the same direction. At this time, the input phase line of the motor is randomly changed (up to three adjustments) this problem can be solved (note: the phase of the motor has been adjusted before the equipment leaves the factory. If there is no operation such as major maintenance and replacement of the motor for the equipment, this problem will not occur, do not perform this step).

2. Check the current drilling footage, whether it is in the stage of large displacement of the first opening or the second opening, and whether the processing capacity is greater than the processing capacity of the equipment. If this is the case, please follow the following methods: First: adjust the inclination angle of the sieve box, make the screening system have a larger inclination angle to improve the processing capacity of the equipment. If the inclination angle of the screen box has been adjusted to the maximum, the problem has not been solved; Next step: replace the screen with a thicker mesh, for example, change from 100 mesh to 80(60) mesh to reach the state shown in Figure 1, and solve the problem. If the problem is not resolved, proceed to the next step.

3. Check whether the current drilling stratum is fine sand layer (the drill cuttings are fine sand). At this time, the screen surface should be scrubbed in time to ensure that the mesh of the screen is not blocked by fine sand, or replace the screen with finer mesh according to the first step, such as changing from 100 mesh to 120(140) mesh, and adjust the inclination angle of the screen box to reach the state shown in Figure 1. If replacing the fine mesh screen cannot solve the problem, you can also replace the mesh screen with the coarse mesh screen, and turn on the sand remover or mud remover to handle it.

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