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3-phase decanter Centrifuge

3-phase decanter Centrifuge
The structure of three-phase centrifuge is mainly composed of differential, screw, drum, housing, frame, lubrication system, motor and other parts.

The structure of three-phase centrifuge is mainly composed of differential, screw, drum, housing, frame, lubrication system, motor and other parts. Its working principle is: the suspension enters the drum through the feed pipe and spiral outlet. Under the action of centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation, the solid particles with larger specific gravity are deposited on the inner wall of the drum. The spiral blades moving relative to the drum constantly scrape off the solid particles deposited on the inner wall of the drum and push them out of the slag outlet. The liquid phase with different specific gravity will form two liquid rings in the drum and flow out through two different outlets of the large end cover
       The relative motion between the screw and the drum is realized by the differential. The shell of the differential is connected with the drum, and the output shaft is connected with the screw. When the main motor drives the drum to rotate, the auxiliary motor drives the differential input shaft to rotate, and the output shaft transmits the torque to the screw according to a certain speed ratio, which realizes the continuous separation process of materials.


1,Data of food waste affer crushing and sorting,。

2,Treatment of oily sludge in refinery, oil pool and drilling

3,Recovery of animal oil, animal fat and oil

4,Separation of vegetable oil and olive oil

5,Production of starch for separating wheat starch and gluten

6,Coal tar separation

Model no. and Parameters:

Model no. and Parameters

Technical features

1, High degree of automation:

The feeding, separation, unloading and other processes of the machine are completed continuously and automatically under the condition of full speed operation

2, Differential speed adjustable:

The machine adopts double frequency control, which can adjust the differential speed within a certain range to obtain the best effect;
3 ,Good running stability:

This machine adopts planetary gear differential, reliable performance and low working temperature.

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