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How to solve the sand problem of sieve area

How to solve the sand problem of sieve area
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If the sand of the sieve area is not solved in time after occurrence, it will cause damage to the sieve screen quickly, increasing unnecessary workload and cost; the reason for the sand in the sieve area is generally nothing more than the insufficient local tension of the sieve screen and the short mud streamline in the sieve box, which cannot meet the requirements of figure 1; When encountering the sand in the sieve area, first of all, check whether the screen is tightened, analyze the reasons according to the on-site situation, and decide which of the following steps to remove.


Observe the movement track of the sieve box. If the rotation direction of the elliptical track is toward the sand discharge port, it is correct. On the contrary, adjust the position of any two main power lines in the control box.

Wash the sieve surface with clear water to ensure that the accumulated sand is cleaned up. If it cannot be solved, proceed to the next step.

Observe the operation of the screening system, and check whether the screening system is running normally according to Figure 1. If it is not normal, solve it according to the next prompt.

Adjust the inclination angle of the sieve box and reduce the inclination angle to make the screening system lean forward until the problem of sand accumulation is solved. If it still cannot be solved, please proceed to the next step.

Select suitable mesh and increase the mesh number (for example, replace 100 mesh with 180 mesh) until the problem is solved.

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