The solid control equipments of RSD company to German customers is being constr

read: date:2018-07-31 11:27:30

The solid control equipments of RSD company to German customers  is being constructed.

1.1 solid control system design and manufacture according to "safe, reliable, advanced, convenient, economy" principle, is superior to the domestic similar product, is in the advanced level.

1.2 solid control system design to meet the requirements of drilling process, to ensure drilling mud circulation, purification, preparation, increase, grouting and the smooth progress of the equipment.

1.3 overall design meets the requirements of QHSE, fully embodies the spirit of people-oriented.

1.4 solid control system uses container module design of each unit for rig relocation, installation requirements, in line with the relevant requirements of the road transport, shipping and railway transportation.

1.5  meet the needs of the German customers.

1.6  meet the requirements of field environment.

1.7 quality control system: according to ISO90001 quality system for the design and production of the whole process of quality control.

The slurry solid control system includes: slurry mixing unit, slurry transport tank, mud hose, high pressure mud hose, slurry separation system (vibrating screen), sludge delivery pump, etc..