RSD held the API quality management system operation summary

read: date:2018-07-31 09:55:06

2016 May 9 to 12 API headquarters' appointment, the audit staff of our company drilling solid control (vibrating screen, sand pump, a centrifuge) equipment and auxiliary tool (CAT) of the quality system review.

In order to allow all personnel to firmly establish the quality of consciousness, 14 companies held in the meeting room API quality system operation summary. Will, general manager Chen Deliang made important instructions, he pointed out that the API quality system is an important part of company management, system operation is good or bad, in relation to the post management is smooth and correct; operation system to achieve "Three Alls" full, comprehensive, whole process; quality system to run as a management system, job and company to melt together, to cover the all process of the company, to guide our work, as the work of various posts for the implementation of the standards. Participants in the control system requirements seriously discuss the current problems, and the problems that may arise after the system is running, and to make a positive response to Chen's speech. Through the discussion, various departments recognize the gap, have said to change the former rigid thinking, flexibility in the use of the system, quality system carry out the work, firmly establish to the customer as the focus, continuous improvement ideas, steadfastly make operation of the quality system. Meeting in a warm atmosphere, and the end of the harvest.