RSD/356*1422HV high speed centrifuge


   RSD/356*1422HV horizontal spiral settling centrifuge is widely used in drilling fluid solid control system of petroleum industry, which can separate drilling fluid from solid, remove harmful fine solid particles such as cuttings from mud, or recover precious weighted materials such as barite to save mud cost.RSD/356*1422HV horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge speed is divided into three kinds of speed, respectively 3250r/min, 2500r/min, 1900r/min, the factory is 2500r/min.If the other two speeds are needed in the field, the other two speeds can be achieved by replacing the belt pulley of the main motor.

Feature 1. Optimum length-diameter ratio design, length-diameter ratio =4, can separate thinner and lighter materials.
Feature 2. With over vibration protection function

Feature 3. Convenient cover opening and maintenance function

Feature 4. When you open the cover,it will stop.

  • Feature 5. It has the function of running time accumulation


Feature 6. L type wear plate design, long service life, high accuracy of interchange.

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