Drilling fluid shakers

Variable motion shale shaker



   1. First-stage separation equipment for drilling fluid solid control systems for drilling and horizontal crossing Wells.
   2. Used for solid and liquid separation and classification of various mines and coal industries.
   3. Used in chemical industry and food processing engineering.
  4. Used in other solid-liquid separation engineering and environmental protection engineering system.



   1. Double translational elliptic motion and separate translational elliptic technology are adopted. The positions of different sieve boxes are different and the trajectory direction is adjustable.
   2.Plastic steel frame steel frame screen and fast pressing technology, screen easy to disassemble and install, long service life;
   3. Advanced screen box optimization technology enables the product to achieve very high processing performance;
   4. At the same time, the product screen box overall anti-mud splash and other patented technologies, users have a more laborsaving, faster operation.

   5. Electric hydraulic, manual hydraulic, mechanical and other kinds of screen box Angle adjustment mode for selection;

   6. Fully sealed screen box structure, ensure no leakage in work and convenient replacement, long service life.

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